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About Design Super Destiny

We at the Design Super Destiny aim at creating successful roadmaps for our clients.

Our Team works towards helping and guiding people in different areas with multiple coaching/counselling techniques and methods.

Destiny is what you design for you and we give you the brush of guidance to design something amazing.

If you want to find the best Career in life and live your Passion, Design Super Destiny will help.
If you want to perform with Confidence at work and climb the ladder of success, Design Super Destiny will help.
If you want to create better relationships and get Contentment in life, Design Super Destiny will help.
If you want to achieve whatever you have dreamed of, Design Super Destiny will help.

The ‘Best Time’ in your life is when you decide to design your super destiny and embark on the path of success. It is never late to get that ‘Best Time’ in life. It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.~ Tony Robbins

Simply, our mission at Design Super Destiny is to help and guide individuals to design their own destiny. Complete happiness is bundled with personal and professional growth along with dreamed success. Everyone dreams for complete happiness in life. We provide the guidance to achieve the same using different tools, techniques and knowledge-base.

About Ms. Pratibha Tiwari

“Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” - Simone de Beauvoir.

Ms. Pratibha Tiwari strongly believes in this quote and puts all her thoughts to action in the present time not pushing things into future. She professes the sames to clients during her caoaching/counselling sessions. There are no delays in her deliveries and she ensures that all the clients needs are met in time. This gives clients a cushion to weave a path to success and fulfil theirs dreams. Pratibha pushes the envelope in every endeavor and gives the best to the clients. That’s not all. Pratibha is also adept at conducting coaching sessions for groups.

She is an expert in the coaching and counselling. She is an Author. Her book 'Balance Your Emotional Be Your Own Coach' is a self-help book to balance emotions. Settled in Abu Dhabi, she has 13+ years of experience in the field of Research and Development, Teaching and Training and in Industrial and Institutional sectors.

Some of the highlights of her rich experience are:

NLP Master Practitioner
Emotional Intelligence Coach
Master of Computer Applications
Master of Philosophy
Certified Global Career Counsellor by the UCLA Extension
Green Belt Certified Counsellor by Univariety
Worked as a Software Engineer
Computers Lecturer at Delhi University

Pratibha dons various hats of a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Healing Expert and a Career Counsellor. The multi-faceted nature of Pratibha expands and empowers here work. Her aim to guide people towards the purpose of life. She believes that if an individual follows his/her passion, they’ll never have to work a day in their life.

Apart from being a well-known International life coach, Ms. Pratibha Tiwari is also a passionate entrepreneur. She is founder of a coaching and counselling consultancy called the Design Super Destiny.

“I see myself working at the international level and spreading my work spectrum worldwide.” – she added.

Ms. Pratibha Tiwari enjoys getting engaged in spreading positivity and happiness around. She believes that effective coaching leads to positive changes in making one’s life ‘more beautiful, successful and happier’.
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